Welcome to my website 🙂 My name is Hanka and I am a creative person who loves the healthy lifestyle, sports, travelling, spending time with people and I love my work. My lifestyle is so active and varied.


On this web, you can be inspired by my Simply & Healthy recipes that don´t contain gluten, cow’s milk or refined sugar. They are quick and easy, so you don´t have to spend hours in the kitchen.

I believe that proper nutrition is a treat and a pleasure for us, each of us has to find his own way. For me, it was a tricky and long journey. This style of eating has led me to the health problems of the digestive tract, culminating in chronic stomach inflammation and other overwhelming problems associated with the use of several medicaments a day. Today, thanks to my lifestyle I am without medication and I feel finally full of energy!

I like working on myself and personal development, I am a sports lover (I used to play racing handball for 10 years and the passion for the sport has remained to me today) and I like to travel too. So my tips here can also be found in these areas. I really love to try new things and I like to share my tips. So you can to find them here as forms of reviews.

I improve my knowledge of health by reading books, articles, studies, watching videos, etc. In 2018 I officially became a Nutrition Advisor (nutritionist).

Because healthy lifestyle is not a science and I want to show you that it’s easy to learn how to build a balanced diet, I’ve created for You a special program. Simply & Healthy Program that You can join is not only about finding a way to a healthy lifestyle.

I like clear brief instructions and advice. So my site is in that way. I prefer to share stories around and around myself rather than writing..

If you are interested in anything else about me or you upgrade my recipes to even better version, or if you want to cooperate with me, you can surely write me through the contact form. I will be pleased.

I wish you the wonderful time spent on my site. Find your way in your life and enjoy it as much as you can 😉

With love