No grain almond lovers porridge

Nutritionally very rich porridge for almond lovers

This morning porridge is really very saturated due to the amount of fats (the healthy ones), and it is super for example, for days when I know I will not get the morning snack.

It will also bring you benefits with your sugar level… If you do not increase the sugar level in the morning, it will bring you a lot of positive benefits with sugar cravings during the whole day 😉

Almond lovers porridge

Ingredients for 1 serve

Almond lovers breakfast


Put all dry ingredients into the pot, add banana round slices, almond milk, water and heat. Blend well for about 5 minutes until porridge starts to bubbling. Remove pot from the cooker, pour porridge into a bowl and decorate it by almond butter, chocolate, raspberries, apricot and coconut flakes. ENJOY!