Mutěnka: super trail for in-line

The trail instead of a train line? Yes, it is Mutěnka.

Riding the same trail near my home during the whole summer season is really boring for me. I like exploring new in-line possibilities. You will certainly agree with me that not each bicycle path is available also for in-line. A lot of trails hide some barriers as an unpaved road, tile path section, a steep hill, etc. These barriers are unsurpassed almost for professional skaters. I have a great tip for you – the trail for in-line Mutěnka, which I have visited for a couple of time.


Some info about trail

Mutěnka is 13,5 km long and is situated in South Moravia. It lines through fields and forest between Kyjov and Mutěnice. The trail was created instead of the old train line. The surface is smooth and flat 😉.

Map Mutěnka


On the trail, you meet a lot of benches made from remains of the original train trail. On each one bench is indicated the distance to the finish (to Kyjov or in opposite direction to Mutěnice). 

Next tips

PARKING: I prefer to park directly in Mutěnice GPS: 48°54’25.239″N, 17°2’26.062″E. In the case all of you choose this place and it will be full I add another parking tip on the trail: GPS: 48°54’47.251″N, 17°2’59.752″E.

Seat Mutěnka

Simply & Healthy Tips – I recommend taking a snack from your home (par. ex. energy balls), nevertheless there are some restaurants on the trail. The surface on paths leans to restaurants is really not top-notch. So, be careful!


WARNING (especially if you are going with children) take a care of the roads crossing the trail. However, all are marked and there are slower sleepers or roadblocks in front of each of them.

The trail is usually relatively empty and it will give you a driving enjoyment!!! On the way, you can also see the buildings of the original train stops.

Station Mutěnka