Gluten-free seeds bread

Excellent gluten-free bread with great ingredients
The bread will appreciate especially those ones who really do not have time to waste and want tasty home-baked gluten-free bread.

When I choose gluten-free pastries and gluten-free meal, I always concentrate on what they are composed of. I really do not buy deproteinated starches. I do not think it would be anything healthy and we can not speak about taste… Really nothing special.

EATfit Gluten-free seeds bread

I usually bake my pastry myself, but when I do not have time to waste, I appreciate the pre-prepared mixture.  Recently I discovered the Czech brand EATfit and their gluten-free seeds bread. I was surprised by its ingredients: Jelly flakes, sunflower seed, linseed, pumpkin seed, psyllium, chia seed. Preparation took me about 2 minutes, I did everything exactly according to the instructions an I left bread overnight in a baking dish and in the morning I just put in the oven. After pulling and slicing pastry I was absolutely surprised how tasty bread I have and how easy was the preparation. The bread was delicate and really full of seeds (not only raw materials but also nutritional composition). From the 450 g pack, I baked 770 g of bread which I cut into the freezer and gradually pull the slices for breakfast, snack or as an attachment to the salad.

EATfit Gluten-free seeds bread

EATfit products are purchased at several stores all over the Czech Republic and also at several e-shops. I can definitely recommend you to try it!

For lovers of numbers, I have here the nutritional composition per 100 g of the mixture: 31.55 g of fat, 30.45 g of carbohydrate, 18.68 g of protein. For me this composition is definitely super;)

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