Donauinsel on in-line skates

Donauinsel in Vienna is really super for roller skates 🙂

One of my very favourite destinations for roller skates is the Donauinsel in Vienna. From Brno it is only 130 km and thanks to the motorway it takes only 2 hours by car.

VIenna girls

Why Donauinsel

  • Long route – 21.2 km – so if you put it back and forth, you have a nice 40 km done 😉
  • Relatively straight and wide path, a smooth asphalt surface
  • Plenty of refreshment kiosks, beach, grills, boat rentals, playgrounds, wakeboard, pubs, bars
  • There is a drink with water and toilet
  • Nature and countryside near the Capital
  • Great availability
  • Do you love music? Visit the Donauinselfest, the largest and most popular music festival in Central Europe, taking place on the island every year at the end of June.
  • Do you like the view? Then sure to visit the Donauturum – a 252 m high viewing tower with a magnificent view of Vienna. Upstairs you can put something good on the tooth in the rotating restaurant. Adrenaline lovers can jump in Bungee-jumping.

Vienna Donauinsel endWhat to prepare for

  • There are many local people heading for the weekends in good weather. So it is better to choose a weekday
  • Along the way you find some bored beaches (FKK), the nudists really do not feel embarrassed and some of them regularly walk along the trail
  • Who has a special diet, so I recommend taking the food with you from your home
  • If you want to grill, bring your own wood or coal and it is also good to book a grill instead

How to get there

  • By car – I recommend parking on one of Parkplatz
  • By Metro From the City Center – Get off at Donauinsel Station

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*front photo and 1st photo made by Tom Nejezchleb