Desiging Your life

Build a Life that Works for You

Are you thinking about the way of Your life? In today’s world full of hundreds of possibilities, there is nothing to be amazed about it, and we would like to try everything 🙂 But we live only one life and the day is 24 hours. So we have to choose where to go and what to do … How to choose what to do?

Do you feel that you are stuck a bit in your life and do not know how to get out of it?

You are successful at work, earning enough money for you, but do you feel that your work is not fulfilling for you?

Are you doing a job that makes you sick on Sundays?

Do you just want to quantify the current situation and make sure you’re going the right way?

I recommend all of you who sometimes ask similar questions or have similar ideas to read this book “Designing Your Life” written by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. The book is written according to famous Designing Your Life course at Stanford University, which has already helped thousands of people looking for their future.

Designing Your Life

In the book you will learn:

  • Why it is so profitable to solve your life as a designer: from naming the problem through prototyping work choices to selecting the best;
  • That the worst job search method is to match the ads (5% success rate) and how to do it better;
  • Why people are “stuck” in their lives and how they get out of it;
  • What are the prototyping interviews with people who already have the work you dream about (and then you might think about);
  • How to effectively learn from mistakes and gain immunity from a sense of failure;
    what are the views of work, views of life, the dashboard of life and why you should write them;
  • Who to engage in designing your life and what you get;
  • How not to fall into the trap of indecision.

I appreciate the book especially for real-life stories and a number of practical tutorials and exercises that will bring you to design your own life by yourself. And that’s all about it, is not it? 🙂 We are all unique and therefore show and take advantage of this uniqueness and individuality to their advantage and build on them their happy and successful lives;)

The book is available in paper and in PDF format Jan Melvil Publishing (CZ) and at Amazon (ENG.).

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