5 Tips how to reach Your goals in 2018

Try to be more organized person in 2018 and You will see the results soon

We usually make a resolution and set new goals at the beginning of the New Year. At 31.12. we often recapitulate the past year. What was new for us, where we made a progress, what wasn´t so good and what we learned. At the beginning of the new year, we often make different resolutions that we are trying to fill at least the first weeks or months. But do we remember our New Year goals and resolutions in June?Here’s my 5 Simply Tips to really reach your New Year goals and resolutions.

Personal development

1. Give real goals and write them down

Do not overestimate or underestimate. Set goals that you know you can achieve and start filling them slowly. For most of us, this is a more sustainable process, even if there are those who prefer a rational change. However for me is sustainable to make smaller steps. For example, if you want to eat more healthy, it will be easier for you at first to include a handful of lettuce for each meal and replace the sweet stick with an almond with apples.

Write down or draw your goals on paper or in your diary. So you can easily and quickly remind them whenever you want.

2. Set your priorities

Identify the priorities in which you want to achieve your goals. If we have several goals and several different areas, it is possible that we will not be able to reach our goals. It sounds beautiful when we want to improve in English, spend an hour more time with the family a day, spend an hour on our own, do sport three times a week, cook healthy food at home, build a working team at work, go to the sauna twice a week at least once with a friend for a beer and a weekend to visit relatives, but we will only be disappointed that we have not achieved our numerous goals. For example, set three priorities that you really want to focus on and focus on.

3. Organize your time

Divide your annual goals into monthly goals so that you can achieve and you have to be happy in the process of achieving these goals. Be stressed is really not good. Then plan your monthly goals into the individual weeks that you implement into your diary and organize them each Sunday. You can use for planning the classic monthly calendar. But there are already clever options and calendars to help you organize your time and reach your goals. I personally use the DOLLER motivation diary, which you can start your year of resignation at any time and not necessarily on January 1;)

4. Get continuous feedback

Be in touch with your daily diary. Sometimes we do not have to meet one day’s task, for example, because of an unexpected event, but it is certainly not good to leave all the weekly tasks at the end of the week. Close every week on Sunday and get ready for a new one. It is best to start with a clean table on Monday.

Every month, take a meeting with yourself – for ex. in your favourite café or elsewhere where you will not be disturbed, where you summarize what you’ve done, what you did well or what you didn´t do and what you want to improve. Answer yourself if your way is fulfilling for you. There is nothing wrong to change your goals or way a little bit when you feel it should be. There can be a new opportunity that you did not know about at the beginning of the year or any unexpected events…

After a quarter of the year, sit down or lie down 🙂 and answer yourself whether you’re still heading in the right direction. After half a year, find out what your goals are and what is the rest and to reach and focus on it. A quarter of the year before the end of the year, you should slowly start to finish your targets, complete them.

5. Make an annual summary

There is always time to think and evaluate at the end of the year. Summarize the past year, focus especially on what kind of positives it brought you, what you enriched and what was an experience for you. Learn from the failed situations and take the negative events as the thing what make you stronger. Evaluate your goals, praise yourself for your accomplishments. And if you failed to do something at 100%, do not criticize yourself for it. Try to think more about the reason why it happened. Was your goal too hard to achieve, or you did not do it all to get it, or it was not a real priority for you?  Learn from it and head up to embark on a new year full of new goals and dreams 🙂